Mexican Recipe of Sail Fish cooked in Purslane

Mexican Recipe of Sail Fish cooked in Purslane
Mexican Recipe of Sail Fish cooked in Purslane


Mexican Recipe of Sail fish cooked in Purslane? You are a very special person because you have found this page on Google and you actually know what purslane is. Wow! Pat yourself on the back and spin three times.

Sailfish is my favorite because it is extremely juicy and tender.

The fish itself is very large and has no bones.

Fish with no bones is always a bonus. Sail fish has the flavor of the sea. We have tons of Sailfish abounding on the southern coast of Mexico, specifically in a place called Costa Allegra.

Costa Allegra is a giant tourist destination. Every year in Costa Alegria there are international competitions for catching Sailfish.

If you live in the USA, you might have to ask your merchant that you buy fish from for a fish with an equivalent taste and texture.

In this Mexican Recipe of Sail Fish cooked in Purslane, of course I use the spice, the flake, from the plant Purslane.

Most people have never heard of it. But unlike Sail Fish, you can find it in the spice section about anywhere. Below I provide a picture and some internet resources with descriptions and values.


Mexican Recipe of Sail Fish cooked in Purslane
When I made this video, “Mexican Recipe of Sail Fish cooked in Purslane,” I was staying at a condo, on the beach in a small pueblo, on the beach in Melaque. Melaque is about a 4 hour drive south of Puerto Vallarta. My son ( he lives there invited me to visit him for a bit of a vacation. It was a great week.

Unforgettable as usual and lots of cooking. I made this great Sail Fish dinner with purslane and we enjoyed it together.

He remembered this Mexican Recipe of Sailfish cooked in Purslane from when he was younger and we all lived together. He’s the one that insisted that I make it while I was making my visit.

“Mom, please make it.” he asked.

So, I have in. I just love to cook. And while I cooked, I had to add extra flavor and extra love as you will do I’m sure.

Tell you what. When cooking at sea level, everything cooks much faster. Really.

The taste of the meal is unique and the view of the Pacific Ocean didn’t hurt things either.

But, this will be a great meal even if prepared in Batesville, Indiana.

When you prepare the Mexican Recipe of Sailfish, there are big benefits.

The Sail Fish has a wonderful flavor, rich nutrients, and the purslane is considered to be a “Super Food,” in that it contains omega 3 vitamins. Sail Fish has the purest protein that your body needs.

Combining flavor with nutrition is a real pleasure. The carrot with the purslane our final product great taste and great color.

I hope you enjoy this Mexican Recipe.Mexican Recipe of Sail Fish cooked in Purslane

Come and cook with me this delicious meal. Just click the button.

I know you’ll like it !!




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