Aromatic fish seasoned with spices


Pescado con especies

Aromatic fish seasoned with spices


I’m sure that this recipe of aromatic fish seasoned with spices will be one of your favorites, this recipe was given by a recognized from one of the restaurants most famous at Guadalajara Jalisco, México.It is really easy and quick for preparing it, ideal for a romantic dinner or if you have guests they will be surprised with its taste and smell.Aromatic fish seasoned with spices

A good white wine will be the perfect company for this dish.

When we are cooking the aromatic fish seasoned with spices you can appreciate the rish fragrance that emits, it is incredible to see how the combination of these spices enrich it in a truly delicious way, the benefits that this recipe of fish with spices in our body are really good.

Fish is an important source of nutrients, rich in good quality proteins, it has a big variety of vitamins, contains minerals such as iodine, calcium, zinc, omega 3 and magnesium, it is a good nutritional supplement for people who makes exercise.

I recommend you that when you will buy the fish take into account following tips: The fish should smell fresh, the flesh must be firm, you can check it by pressing with your finger and see that it is resistant to touch, the fish eyes should be bright and salty.

The Basil is a plant which is rich in Vitamin K, Iron and Beta Carotene.

It also helps to strengthen the nerves and is a revitalizer of memory.

For many years it has been considered as a sacred plant in many countries, as in India which is used on its altars during prayers or meditation.

The Romero spice in this aromatic fish seasoned with spices is a delight, it is a condiment which helps us to lower cholesterol, is one of the plants with more antioxidants, and its components make slow aging and also the probability of suffering Alzheimer.

The garlic is the king of all dishes, its properties are multiple because it contains a lot of vitamins, and it is recognized all over the worlds. Consuming it regularly in our meals will help us to avoid many diseases.

By making combination of all these important ingredients in this aromatic fish seasoned with spices recipe, we give to our organism many benefits that protect us from some diseases, we get vitality, energy and we stay young.

I wait for you in Cooking the Flavor of Mexico, where together we will make good and nutritious meals.

Aromatic fish seasoned with spices



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