Tasty plantain snack

Banana Snack an explosion of flavor.


Ingredients for plantain croquettes

5 Ripe Plantains

250 Grams of cotija cheese or your favorite cheese

Milled bread, the necessary

½ Lt. of oil


Dip Ingredients

2 large tablespoons of cream

1 Mayonnaise spoon

½ Little spoon of milled pepper

3 Green chilies

2 garlic cloves

250 Grams of cream cheese




We remove the tips of plantain, we cut in 3 pieces, and we add salt as we want

In a pot with water we put them to cook during 20 minutes around.

While we cook them, we prepare the Dip for this tasty plantain snack.

We put in the blender the cream cheese, the mayonnaise, pepper, grain salt up to you, mustard, green chilies and garlic. We blend; if the texture becomes thick you can add a little bit of water to be spreadable.

We retire the cooked plantains for removing the peel and with a hand grinder we grind it until we get mashed plantains.

We make balls with our hands adding a piece of cheese inside the ball, we compact it very well until it will be firm. We put the ball on the milled bread covering them perfectly, the bread sticks very well to the plantain therefore we don´t need to put it or go for eggs.

When the balls are totally covered with the bead, we fry those in a pot with very hot oil, the sufficient one for cover the balls.

We left the balls until those take a pretty golden color.

We retire from oil putting them in a plate with absorbent paper to remove the oil.

The tasty plantain snack it is served accompanied by the Cheese Dip.

Enjoy this Banana Snack an explosion of flavor.


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