Broccoli and carrot omelette

Broccoli and carrot omelette


This is a sensational breakfast, Broccoli and carrot omelette with cheese, its preparation is extremely easy and fast. It is a dish with an irresistible view for eating.

Your family will love this breakfast, in the videos I show you step by step its preparation way.

Broccoli and carrot omelette

It’s a complete cooking, we often ask for omelette in a restaurant and when we start to eat it we find that it is not cooked well inside, it is the uncooked egg, and then in this video you will confirm that there is a way to make that egg will be well cooked. Check it with me.

The broccoli omelette accompanied with cheese is very nutritious, as somebody said… “Breakfast as rich, eat as poor and dinner as a beggar.”

The breakfasts provide us with the energy we need throughout the day, is a light meal, keeps us active in our daily activities and by taking a little portion for dinner bring benefits for us in the night rest. Eating in this way keeps us slim; we do not need rigorous diets to be thin and healthy, just a good diet and exercise.



I find it very interesting to see how the same ingredients that we use in scrambled eggs can have as much flavor cooked as in this delicious broccoli and carrot omelette accompanied with cheese

Via Cooking with love in everything we create in the kitchen, gives us the good seasoning that we all love.

The mornings with this broccoli and carrot omelette accompanied with cheese & an aromatic coffee, is stimulating, no comparison.

What do you think about a rich breakfast of broccoli and carrot omelette accompanied with cheese on the bed? Surely you are going to surprise your partner when he/she wake up and see this gift with love.

You can prepare this broccoli and carrot omelette and store it in a Ziploc bag, take it for work or school, you just need to heat it a little with your delicious carrot cream and eat it, it will be better that if you share it with others it is better you prepare various due others will ask you for more.

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Broccoli and carrot omelette




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