Cauliflower Ceviche

Cauliflower Ceviche

cauliflower ceviche

Nobody will discover that the ceviche is not having fish, the original recipe is with fish.

I remember that the first time that I prepared was for a family reunion in a beautiful park, each family took their food in order to share with others, I brought a big quantity of cauliflower ceviche and toast, it was the first food that finished, child’s & adults couldn´t stop of eating it, it was a hot day and the cauliflower ceviche was the preferred that afternoon, one of my sisters in law didn’t eat it, I asked the reason and she told me that she couldn´t eat it because she is allergic to fish, when I told them that it had no fish, nobody could believe it, they asked for recipe, since that time plate is present on reunions, as principal plate or simply as snack in a football afternoon.

This recipe of cauliflower ceviche, besides being nutritious is very economical and easy to prepare.

I want to tell you the benefit that this beverage gives us; you will be surprised of all the good things that we get when we eat it. It is a rich source of nutrients that grant vitamins & minerals.

An excellent antioxidant, which help to maintain us young. Diuretic, ideal for weight loss. Anti-inflammatory, digestive, its content in fiber favors the good functioning of the stomach. It helps to lower cholesterol by taking care of our heart in this way. Folic acid is highly recommended for pregnant women.

Now you know, to include cauliflower in your food is a good choice for your family health, you can prepare it in many ways. In the videos of Cooking with the Flavor of Mexico you can follow step by step this cauliflower ceviche recipe; you can also unload the recipe.

We wait for you in the page of Cooking The Flavor of México where you will can find a big variety of delicious Mexican recipes very nutritious, videos where you can see the detailed recipes elaboration, stories that you can read your children, they will know and will give the value to each ingredient, they will eat all the beverages that they didn’t like in the past after listening these brief funny stories.

Cauliflower ceviche


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