Recipe for four people

Ingredients for preparing the delicious ceviche of sailfish

1/2 Kilo of Sailfish

1/2 Onion

1 medium jicama

6 Lemons

1 tomato

1 Avocado

1 Orange

1 Bunch of Cilantro

2 tablespoons mayonnaise



Preparation of the sailfish ceviche

The piece of fish is washed and made very thin cuts, small slices very thin.

This type of this fish has no thorns but some nerves that we will take away.

The lemons are parted by removing the seeds, they are squeezed to obtain all their juice with which in a deep bowl the fish is marinated, in this way the lemon acids will cook the fish.

Add one tablespoon of grated salt, one quarter spoonful of ground black pepper.

Stir and marinate while we cut the other ingredients for this delicious ceviche of sailfish.

Peel the orange, cut it in half and with a knife remove the pulp, separating the seeds.

The jicama peels, is cut first in very thin strips and cross cuts are made to obtain small cubes.

The onion is finely chopped.

The avocado is removed the bone hitting it with a knife and making a turn, it is very easy to detach, in the same shell we make cuts to the avocado and with a spoon we remove the pulp.

The coriander is washed, disinfected and the stems are removed, the leaves are cut finely.

The tomato is cut into small squares.

The fish should already be cooked in the lemon juice, we see if it changes its color to check that it is ready, if you prefer you can cook it in the stove with very little water before putting it to marinate in lemon.

Add in the fish all the ingredients cut, put two tablespoons of mayonnaise and stir until completely integrated.

This delicious ceviche of sailfish you can serve it in toasts of corn and accompany them with a cold beer.


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