Chickpea soup Granny's recipe

Chickpea soup Granny’s recipe

Chickpea soup Granny's recipe

Would you like to have the flavor of Mexico at your table?

Then come & cook with me this Mexican chickpea soup recipe, this is the food that you are waiting to prepare and please your family or simply to take a gastronomic trip to this rich and famous culinary culture so famous and recognized around the world.

This Mexican chickpea soup keeps in its aroma the essence of the kitchens of Mexican villages.

Its flavor makes me return to my childhood, when my grandmother used to prepare this Mexican chickpea soup.

I learned it from my grandmother because I always helped her in the kitchen; she told me a thousand anecdotes while she was cooking the Mexican chickpea soup and other recipes in the kitchen and shared with me many delicious recipes.

Her main phrase when cooking was, “The main ingredient in the kitchen, is love” Love for whom you prepare, love for what you prepare.

She told me that it is the best cooking secret. Then this Mexican chickpea soup is having this ingredient for sure.

And today I know it’s true, I love what everything happens in my kitchen and say that my seasoning is tasty, similar to my grandmother also.

My parents had nine children of whom I am the oldest one therefore I collaborated in household chores and every day great food was cooked to feed everyone.

When my mother gave birth to one of my brothers, my grandmother stayed at home taking care of us and we prepared this Mexican chickpea soup, maybe because of the surrenders and economic, I am not sure, but the truth is that it was a delight to the palate and still be a delight.

She said that she cooked this Mexican chickpea soup in order to give the energy to my mom due she needed to breastfeed the new family member.

Today Cooking the Taste of Mexico shares it with you this recipe so you can enjoy it while cooking it until you eat this Mexican chickpea soup.

Chickpea soup Granny’s recipe, cook with me by following the preparation in the video I made for you.

Chickpea soup Granny's recipe


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