Delicious and traditional Mexican Recipe

Recipe for 2 people

Preparing time: 30 minutes


400 Grams of willed & cooked chicken

250 Grams of Tortillas

1 Oil Cup

1 Onion

3 Wide Chilies

2 Tomatoes

½ Garlic spoon

1 Pinch of Pepper

½ Pinch of thyme


We remove the seeds from wide chilies and the veins, we put to cook them in a pot with water together with tomatoes.

The onion need to be cut in little squares.

In a frying pan we put the oil in a heat; we put the tortillas one by one in a very short time, only to fry them lightly, do not let them brown, then in this way the enchiladas can maintain their soft consistency.

In the fried sauce you can add a tortilla in order to cover it with the sauce, and we repeat same procedure for all tortillas and we put those in a plate. While you cook the delicious Mexican enchiladas you can start to smell how delicious is Mexican flavor.

When the tortillas has been covered with sauce we add a portion of willed chicken with a little portion of onion, we rolled the tortilla in order to form and cook the delicious Mexican enchiladas

Those are served on a tray or on an individual plate.

When all enchiladas are filled we put more sauce in the top of enchiladas and with a nozzle (or plastic bag, with small hole in the corner) the cream is added, which at the same time its season the dish and give a nice presentation to the plate when you finish & Cook the delicious Mexican enchiladas.

The decoration in the enchiladas is onion, cheese, lettuce or cabbage into strips.

Enjoy this delicious typical food of Mexican gastronomy.

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