Cream of pumpkin with saffron and chicken dumplings

This is a tasty meal that likes both children’s & adults.

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To see the easy preparation of this pumpkin cream recipe with saffron and chicken meatballs.


Pumpkin with pork ribs for Halloween

You will see that this cream of pumpkin with saffron and chicken dumplings is an ideal recipe to be consumed during the cold days with low temperatures because it contributes to our organism to have the necessary energy to maintain the corporal heat. Best of all, it is prepared with the seasonal pumpkin.

Pumpkin is a gift from nature that nourishes us and makes us cook it with an infinite variety of tasty and nutritious recipes and we have fun turning it into the decoration of our homes for the year end celebrations time in which we make of each moment a great memory next to the people we love.

Cooking want to share with you this delicious recipe. We are sure that it will become your family’s favorite food because of its unmatchable flavor and the soft texture of the famous Halloween pumpkin.

When we make with those big and beautiful pumpkins the decoration for our houses, a warm atmosphere fills the homes and we celebrate it sharing dinners or meals prepared with this magnificent vegetable. The pumpkin is the main ingredient in this tasty cream of pumpkin with saffron and chicken dumplings.

The pumpkin is consumed in desserts, meals or even drinks as for example the tasty drink you which can find only in the seasonal pumpkin at the world-famous Starbucks Coffee shop called “Frappuccino caramel spice pumpkin”

Bon Appetite and Happy Holidays


Cooking shares with you its exclusive recipes collection prepared with this wonderful nature gift

The Pumpkin that besides of giving us its exquisite flavors it gives us great benefits to our body.

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