Creamy and tasty broccoli soup


For this Creamy and tasty soup these are the ingredients:


½ Kg of Broccoli

½ Cheese cream bar

2 Spoons of parmesan cheese

2 Spoons of Butter

½ Milk glass

½ Cup of Cow Cream

1 Pinch of salt

1 Garlic Clove




In a pot high heat we put to cook the broccoli with a pinch of salt, we cover the pot and let it boil during 5 minutes, the broccoli cooks very fast. It is much better to steam the broccoli, so it does not lose its beautiful color or all the nutrients

When you cook broccoli you need to check that its flowers are not yellow color due that show you that broccoli is ripe.

In the blender we put the cooked broccoli, half cheese cream bar, the milk, parmesan cheese, the cream & the broccoli broth which one has some of the nutrient. We blend perfectly until all ingredients are well integrated.

The secret of this Creamy and tasty broccoli soup is the consommé cube which we cut together with the garlic and in a pot we put to melt butter and we add the garlic & consommé dissolving them very well until it gets a light golden color, then we can add the blended ingredients immediately before that the consommé gets a more dark color. We mix and cover the pot letting it cooking for 5 minutes, you can stir occasionally.

That’s how fast you can prepare this delicious Creamy and tasty broccoli soup. It is served in a deep dish and it’s decorated with cow cream and croutons. If you want you can add also a few bacon pieces it is up to you.

This Creamy and tasty broccoli soup recipe your family will like pretty much


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