Creamy and tasty Mexican broccoli soup

Creamy and tasty Mexican broccoli soup

Creamy and tasty Mexican broccoli soup

This delicious soup broccoli cream is extremely nutritious, easy & quickly for preparing it. The broccoli flavor is a little bit bitter but the combination of the other ingredients in this recipe makes it a sensational taste.

The broccoli cream offers to your family good nutrients in each one of its ingredients, I am pretty sure that you will like it a lot.

The broccoli helps to prevent diseases. I was recognized by international scientific community as one of the best alternatives for maintains defenses of our organism.

The broccoli cream is an excellent source of iron, also offer calcium, minerals and vitamins C & E.

This broccoli cream recipe contains the secret of my grandmother which she shared with me and today I share with you, it is about the cube consommé, this ingredient gives an excellent flavor, the flour that it contains by frying it with the butter until it takes on a golden color makes that the consistency of this broccoli cream soup take the desired thickness.

You will need to be careful to not overdone the consommé. As soon as it takes the beautiful golden color tone it is needed to add the ingredients we blended, and we let it boil for 5 minutes and it will be done with the desired consistency.

The broccoli cream we decorated with cow cream, in the video I show you how I made it, you can add crotons and if you like bacon you can add a small bacon pieces, this will increase it delicious flavor.

My family likes pretty much broccoli cream, in the house we eat a lot this ingredient which is so nutritional and antioxidant.

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Creamy and tasty Mexican broccoli soup


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