Crispy mexican tuna tacos

Crispy Mexican Tuna Tacos

Crispy mexican tuna tacos


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We present you a tasty recipe of  tacos is a food that will surprise you by the delicious and super-fast way to prepare. Plus it is very economic. You can prepare it with me by following the video, just click the below button.

tacos de atún crujientes

For the filling of these crispy tacos, prepare the most simple and common tuna salad that everyone already knows, which is prepared with a can of tuna, mayonnaise, canned vegetables, salt and pepper. Jalapeno chili is optional.

You can store them for a month in the freezer and heat them in the microwave, in a pan or even in the toaster, as the crispy mexican tuna tacos are completely covered by flour tortillas, their filling does not spill into the toaster. This option is very practical.

Accompany them with the dip of your preference or the Mexican sauce that combines perfect with them, the sauce is the one I prepare for this recipe we also show you in the video its a simple elaboration.

The tacos are browned in butter, I put a little olive oil so that the butter does not burn, you can also fry them with coconut oil that give them an extra touch of good flavor.

Warning: These tacos are addictive. That’s what my son said to me once.

I remember the day when I prepared the crispy mexican tuna tacos for my family. He was a teenager (The stage when they eat a lot), I asked him to please take tacos to the table, when we all sat down to eat, and the plate was empty. I asked for the tacos, and he sorely answered me naturally, “I ate them all, I thought it was my plate!

The next day he told me that if I could prepare more tacos. “Mom is just that those crispy mexican tuna tacos are addictive!!

From that day on all the times I cooked the tacos in large quantities and froze them. It was a good idea because I also used them for lunch at school.

You will like these tacos too, in the bite you will find crunchy on the outside and soft in its interior.

The crispy mexican tuna tacos are the perfect snack in those evenings of family reunions or with friends but do not forget to tell your children that it is a meal for everyone.

Crispy mexican tuna tacos

Enjoy these simple but tasty crispy mexican tuna tacos.





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