Crunchy Shrimp wrapped with Coconut


Portion: For two people




½ kg of shrimp

1 cup of oil

2 Eggs

100 grams of wheat flour

100 grams of grated coconut

Salt and pepper as per your choice


And for the Mango Dip which gives a really good taste to the Crunchy shrimps, these are the ingredients:

1 Mature Mango

½ cup yogurt

1 Chile chipotle

Salt and pepper as per your choice


Wash the shrimp, remove the skin, and with a knife make a small cut on it back to remove the intestine.

Eggs are beaten, with a fork or a blender in a bowl.

The coconut usually comes grated in large strips so you have to grind it with a crusher, and that way it will stick easier and even in the shrimp.

Then via having the coconut grated in this way we will reach to have crunchy shrimps wrapped with coconut.

The flour is seasoned with salt and pepper as per your choice. Shrimp are also seasoned with salt and pepper.

Then in order to get the crunchy shrimp wrapped with coconut perfect consistency, the shrimp are first passed through the flour until completely covered, then need to pass through the beaten egg, and then covered with grated coconut.

When all shrimp are finished to be covered we put them into the freezer while preparing the mango dip.

The shrimp are almost done of this crunchy shrimp wrapped with coconut

The mango is peeled and cut into squares; put it in the blender along with chipotle chili, yogurt, salt and pepper.

Blend until it has a creamy and spreadable texture.

In the stove place a pan over medium heat, add the oil and when it is hot add the shrimp that were in the freezer to fry them until they turn a golden color, this takes very little time and our recipe of crunchy shrimp wrapped with coconut is almost done.

If we leave them more time to fry the coconut burns very fast and the shrimp become small.

The exact point is as soon as its color changes to a light golden color.

The crunchy shrimp wrapped with coconut now are removed from the oil and put on absorbent paper to remove as much as possible the oil.

We serve the crunchy shrimp wrapped with coconut accompanied by the rich mango dip.

The shrimp with coconut have a very nice presentation that appeals to the view.

Enjoy this rich snack, Crunchy shrimps wrapped with coconut.








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