Delicious Ceviche of Sailfish




Delicious Ceviche of Sailfish

Delicious ceviche of sailfish is a sensational dish. You will not believe how tasty it is. You won’t believe how easy, quick and inexpensive it is to make, right in your own kitchen.

Sailfish has a very special flavor. Its meat is very soft and firm. I like fish very much and I cook fish in many different ways as you can see from my many fish recipes here on the site, and soon to be available on

This delicious  dish is what my family ask me to make the most. They really want it when it gets really not outside. It seems as though, when it gets really hot, first of all, the want something that taste great, so I give them this delicious ceviche of sailfish knowing it has excellent nutritional value.

This delicious ceviche is very practical for picnics and beach trips. I whip some up, toss it into an airtight, cooled, container and when we make our arrival, I serve it on corn tortillas. Yum, Yum.

Again, it’s easy to make. The thing that gets me is that every time I make it, it disappears so fast. They chow it down like they are little pigs. I just smile in my mind because this is truly the opposite of junk food.

This delicious ceviche of sailfish came from my dad. He made it many, many times for our family with 9 kids. Many times the people at his job would ask him to whip some up and share it with them. He would make the dish, grab some tortillas, corn chips or crackers and off he would go. When I see my family enjoy it so much, I think of him.

We were not a wealthy family, but my mom and dad would get us all in the van and we took many weekend trips to the beach. We would play all day on the beach, in the water, in the sand, in the van even. We would get so hungry. That’s when my mom would put out this delicious ceviche of sailfish.

I miss my father so much, he died about 13 years ago, but this recipe lives on. To this day, when I eat This delicious ceviche of sailfish, I close my eyes imagining that is was prepared by him. I inherited his seasoning. Even though we are much older now, when my brothers and sisters eat it with me, they can taste my fathers love.

Whip up This delicious ceviche of sailfish treat for your family. Enjoy.

delicious ceviche of sailfish




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