Fish onion, Exquisite

Fish onion, exquisite




The preparation of this exquisite recipe is going to like you pretty much for how easy it is.

It is a dish with an excellent presentation, it looks and taste very tasty, it would seem like cooking it takes long time.

The flavor of this fish onion, exquisite recipe is unparalleled because the ingredients that it contain are the perfect combination in both flavors and colors, for me is truly important color combination of ingredients in all my recipes, as I have been said before “From the view love is born” and this fish onion exquisite recipe at same time looks and taste delicious, separated of how nutritious it is in each of its components.

This fish onion, exquisite flavor recipe was a gift from a famous Chef from one of the most famous restaurants of the city where we live, Guadalajara Jalisco, México. This state of Mexican republic is characterized worldwide by its extensive Mexican gastronomy.

The traditional dish called pozole is from this area of México, the drowned cakes called tortas ahogadas, the birria, meat in its juice, endless meals that was born here. Not forgetting his most famous drink; The Tequila, which is a good accompaniment in this delicious fish onion, exquisite recipe.

In my pages you can find the recipes of this typical Mexican food.

For preparing this fish onion, exquisite recipe I utilized the fish of my preference which is the Sailfish, but you can cook it with the fish of your choice.

The onion is the star in this fish onion, exquisite flavors that cooking the Flavor of Mexico introduce you the recipe in video which one the portion was prepared for two people, for this food we utilize a big onion which one we fry until it gets a light golden & transparent color with garlic and a strips of mulatto chili that also gives a rich color to the onion.

The green tomato gives to this fish onion, exquisite recipe a little acid touch that in combination with all the rest of ingredients makes a delicious flavor explosion to the palate.

I am pretty sure that this delicious fish onion, exquisite recipe will be also for you one of your favorites.

Bon Appetite

Fish onion, Exquisite




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