Exquisite Fish Meatballs


                  Exquisite Fish Meatballs

Our Exquisite Fish Meatballs are really easy to prepare and economical for any budget. This is a traditional Mexican recipe.

A lot of times due our job we eat fast food in any place, but there is not any place in which one the food is more delicious than the one at home.

I want to share with you this delicious recipe of Exquisite Fish Meatballs, they have the flavor of the sea. This dish also contains a surprise factor which is indispensable for each dish.   I like food more when I discover any ingredient which makes an explosion in my mouth and this recipe contains that magic.

Surprise your guest with this rich & nutritive meal.   They  will be really surprised when they find a shrimp inside the fish meatball.

The fish is the easiest way to get the necessary proteins, this recipe of Exquisite Fish Meatballs nourishes our body completely. Vegetables provide all the vitamins we need and have no calories so it is ideal to include it in your diet if you are looking to lose weight.

Mexican traditional recipes  have been recognized all over the world. This recipe has the true flavor of Mexico. The real advantage is that all the ingredients  you can find easily where you live.

My grandmother taught me how to prepare these Exquisite Fish Meatballs, it is a perfect meal for winter season, it is comforting and provides a warm feeling to your body.

When days are cold or cloudy my grandmother prepares this and invites the whole family. Her dining room is pretty big and we share unforgettable moments there.

Do you want to taste it? Come and prepare it with me.

Within our videos you can follow step by step the elaboration of these meatballs fish, you can also download the recipe. You will see how fast & easy is to prepare. In only 20 minutes your food will be ready for you and your quest in your dining room.

 Exquisite Fish Meatballs




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