Exquisite fish stuffed with mustard

Exquisite fish stuffed with mustard


Exquisite fish stuffed with mustard

This is an exquisite fish stuffed with mustard, the fish fillets are from a species called cazón (dogfish).

The fishing of this fish is abundant in the Mexico Gulf.

This is a kind of shark specie; you can find it in almost all fish shops or make fishing in all places of Mexico Gulf within the fishing period.

They are also abundant in Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, but the largest quantity of this species is located in Venezuela.

Cooking the Flavor of México introduce you this Exquisite fish stuffed, easy and quickly to prepare it.

This Exquisite fish stuffed with mustard will surprise you with the delicious flavor that is achieved through the combination of its ingredients.

The Exquisite fish stuffed with mustard is cooked in fillets that are filled with sauteed vegetables in butter.

When it is stuffed with vegetables they are covered with a mixture of mustard, parsley, butter and lemon. And they are fried in butter.

You will not believe how sensational and tasty this Mexican dish is.

You can accompany with spaghetti and fresh salad

The exquisite fish are marinated in lemon, pepper and salt then its covered with a delicious mixture of Dijon mustard, garlic, butter, salt and pepper.

This exquisite fish stuffed with mustard is extremely easy to prepare, when you bring to your table will be a success, because its taste is so different unique and special.

Cook with me this sensational food, following step by step its elaboration that Cooking the Flavor of Mexico shows you in a short video, but with a great Mexican flavor.

In Cooking the flavor of Mexico you will find traditional recipes that will bring the unique flavor of Mexican gastronomy to any place in the world, like this exquisite fish.

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Thank you for cooking with us this exquisite food and for being part of the “Cooking with Teresa de Anda” team.

Exquisite fish stuffed with mustard



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