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Exquisite red sauce


Exquisite red sauce made with tomato sauce is the most common in Mexican cuisine, it is an excellent red sauce that you cannot miss in your kitchen, and we can call it “Wildcard” sauce because it combines very well with all the dishes you prepare for your family.

It is delicious if you accompany your dishes with it, as well you can use it at breakfast, in some starred eggs, with rice soup, in a cake, well, you can use it in all you cook with this sauce will increase the season of your meals.

This Exquisite red sauce should not be missing in your refrigerator; you can prepare a large amount and store it in the refrigerator for a week.

The ingredients with which it is made are very nutritious, chilies contain lots of vitamins mainly vitamin C, or like garlic that everyone knows the health benefits.

It is very easy and quick to prepare, in my house never miss this delicious exquisite red sauce, my family is accustomed to find it in the refrigerator, with its season their meals are giving them that delicious touch peach that everyone loves.

This preparation of exquisite red sauce I inherited from my grandmother, is a tradition that became a custom throughout the great family that we are, in every house I visit my family is always present at meals and we all enjoy that rich heritage.

You can give him the touch that you like, I like for example, that this sauce doesn’t be so liquefied which is a bit bitter, this gives the appearance that a kitchen utensil made of stone was made in the called molcajete where you crush the ingredients, my ancestors used pulque instead of water and that in fact, gave it a delicious seasoning.

To give it the desired consistency, the secret is the time when you liquefy it, if you want it to be not so liquefied as I like, just liquefy by turning the blender on and off twice, that will give that great texture to the Red Hot Sauce.

Exquisite red sauce




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