Fish with onion, proudly mexican

Recipe for 2 people


1/2 Kg of fish cut into medallions

2 Large or 4 small green tomatoes

1 Dry mulatto chili or chili of your choice

1 large onion

2 tablespoons of butter or olive oil

3 garlic cloves

2 Tree Chilies

1/2 cup soy sauce

Salt, the necessary



The fish is put in a deep bowl to marinate it while we prepare the rest of ingredients.

The onion is cut in thick slices and split into four parts.

The garlic is cut in small squares.

The stem of mulatto chili is removed with seeds and veins then cut into small strips.

The green tomatoes are cut into segments.

The fish with onion, proudly Mexican will be marinated after we finish the above steps, put in a pan over medium heat and add a little of olive oil or butter, let it brown a little and turn it to evenly brown.

It is removed from the stove leaving the oil in the pan with the knowledge that you left it there.

Then we put to fry the garlic first and then the onion.

When its color will be transparent we add the mulatto chili, we mix it and we add salt for seasoning and at same time this will help that onion releases its juice. 

We put the tree chilies then cover the pan letting it cooking during 3 minutes.

This fish with onion, proudly Mexican is almost ready to eat.

We add the green tomatoes, mix it well and again we cover the pan letting it cooking for other 3 minutes more.

We add the fish with onion, proudly Mexican and mix it gently.

What sticks in the pan while we are cooking and mixing gently is the rich seasoning that gives flavor to this fish with onion, proudly Mexican.

Then it is ready to enjoy its unbeatable taste.



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