Fish with shrimp at annatto



You are going to be surprised with this recipe of fish with shrimps and annatto, in sight it seems a dish with a lot of time of elaboration, but it is extremely easy and fast to prepare it.

Your family will like it very much, the fish with shrimps and annatto, the flavor that it has is delicious and its presentation is an irresistible invitation to eat it.

Fish with shrimp at annatto

Cooking it wrapped in a banana leaf gives an unequaled essence that combines perfectly with all the ingredients. You can cook this fish with shrimps and annatto in the oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes or in a pan over the stove, in the video you can see its preparation step by step.

The seasoning with which we seasoned the delicious fish with shrimps and annatto is commonly used in the Mexican food at the south of our Country, its origin goes back to the Mayans who also used it like a natural dye, the seed is of a shrub of the tropical zones from America.

It is easy to get, in supermarkets you can find it in the area of ​​seasoning items.

It is a combination of rich ingredients such as the called achiote or annatto seed that gives the sensational red color and flavor together with the garlic, oregano, vinegar and a variety of chilies.

This dish is accompanied with rice or a fresh salad; also we can prepare it to make rich tacos with corn tortilla, accompanied by a guacamole.

In any way you can imagine this dish presentation I’m sure it will be a success at your table.

This same achiote sauce can be used with shredded chicken, served on toast and garnished with onion slices and Habanero chili rings.

I wait for you in my page then we can cook together the flavors of México.


Fish with shrimp at annatto

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