Fish with spices delicious and aromatic mexican recipe

Recipe for 2 people



2 Fish Markets of your choice

5 cloves garlic

1/2 cup of Basil

1/2 cup of Romero

1/2 cup olive oil

250 grams of butter

A few drops of Maggi juice

Salt as you taste

Pepper as you taste



In this fish recipe, we will start by cutting the garlic into strips, cut the basil and the rosemary into thin strips.

We spread the fish with olive oil, we add salt, pepper, half of garlic, the rosemary and basil, we let it marinate during 30 minutes minimum. Ok! Let’s check and continue the fish with spices delicious and aromatic mexican recipe steps, exquisite recipe is ongoing!

In a frying pan, we melt the butter and add the garlic, when it will be light golden color we put the fish to high fire for sealing it by all its sides, then by this way it will not lose its juice, once that it is sealed, we put low heat the fire so that fish can be cook well.

Note, do not cover the frying pan because when doing it the fish with spices delicious and aromatic mexican recipe will not be well elaborated due fish juice will be lost and fish will be dried.

We serve this delicious dish of fish with spices.

We accompanied him with a salad and a good white wine.

When you are cooking this mexican recipe you can appreciate the rich fragrance that emits, it is incredible to see how the combination of these spices enrich it in a delicious way, the benefits that this fish with spices give to our body are very good.

The fish is an important source of nutrients, rich in high quality protein, has a wide variety of vitamins, contains minerals such as iodine, calcium, zinc, omega 3 and magnesium, is a good nutritional supplement for people who exercise.

Therefore this fish with spices delicious and aromatic Mexican recipe is the one for getting all benefits together.



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