Fish with succulent asparagus



Fish with succulent asparagus

You will not be able to believe how delicious is this recipe which is so simple and quick to prepare.

It has an excellent presentation and unrivaled flavor.

It seems like a meal made with a lot of time but it isn’t, in a few minutes you will have this Fish with succulent asparagus served in your dining room table ready for sharing with your loved ones and a delicious and nutritious meal or dinner.

The fish with asparagus is ideal for a romantic dinner accompanied with a good white with light candlelight and of course with a good music. What are your waiting to prepare it?

Cooking the Flavor of México introduce you the video about the elaboration of tis delicacy. Come and cook it with us and savor its exquisite flavor.

We use for this fish with succulent asparagus, the sailfish, due its juicy meat and because its thick cuts, called medallions, it’s a soft meat but at same time firm consistency since it does not get spoiled when we cook it like other kind of fishes. Also it is eaten with the confidence that you will not find a thorn.

However you can cook this fish with succulent asparagus with the fish of your preference.

The asparagus are needed to first be pre-cook them and then season the with a rich and fragrant olive oil vinaigrette, garlic, lemon juice, pepper, salt and dill, a very aromatic herb with a luxury taste. When the asparagus are bathed with the vinaigrette they are fried for a short time with a little of butter which one increase the flavor.

The fish also are needed to be marinated with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic, dried parsley and pepper.

On high heat with fry in olive oil for a very short time only to seal it and thus save its juice, when it is sealed we lower the stove fire and let it cook until the timing you chose is good term for you, I like this fish with succulent asparagus well cooked.

Fish with succulent asparagus



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