Fresh Tuna Cocktail


When you prepare this fresh tuna cocktail you will want to share it with the people you love.

Fresh Tuna Cocktail

It is a light meal, simple but still exquisite.

On hot days there is nothing better than eating with ingredients that give us the energy needed to have a lot of time in the kitchen preparing under the heat.

The fresh tuna cocktail, served on toast makes it crispy.

I enjoy all its ingredients in every bite but the main protagonist in this delicious cocktail is the fresh tuna, with its soft, juicy and tasty meat that provides magnificent nutrition.

Tuna is one of my favorite types of fish, because of its unique flavor, and the multiple nutrients it contains. Also because of how easy it is prepared in all recipes and how good it looks in each meal.

The pieces of each ingredient in this fresh tuna cocktail are mixed together in a delicious way, each dish becomes a feast of flavor.

I think today will prepare this wonderful dish for dinner and I will accompany it with a good wine under the light of some candles, with good music.

This night will become a good memory because the best of this day, apart from the fresh tuna cocktail, will be the company of the man I love and with whom I share life.

For me it is very exciting to prepare what I know that I like to eat. I love to surprise him and please his cravings, I avoid falling into a routine, that is one of my best reasons for innovation in my meals. I look at how to decorate each dish, with small details which are very important to make them look great.

The same happens in relationships, the details are like a caress, a way of talking without words, “I love you, I think of you and I want to please you.”

Cooking with love for your love makes love grow.