Garlic Huachinango Fish


Recipe Ingredients:


2 Huachinango Fishes

8 Garlic cloves

2 lemons

1 Chipotle Chile

1/4 cup of white vinegar


Wheat flour, Salt and Pepper as per your choice.



The huachinango is cleaned very well by removing the scales & viscera, washing it and making three small cuts on each side as you can see in the video.

This is original way of cut it in the Mexican restaurants for this Garlic Huachinango Fish recipe.

When you buy you should see that your eyes are fresh and jumped, have a good smell and are firm when pressed with your fingers, which show that those are a fresh fish.

To marinate the huachinango fish, put the garlic, the juice of the two lemons, the white vinegar, the chipotle chili without the veins & seeds, salt and pepper.

Blend until it forms a slightly thick paste with which the fish will be marinated.

In the clean fish we put salt of sea, preferably of grain in all its parts.

Cover with the garlic sauce, inside and outside until those are completely greased.

The huachinango fish is sprinkled with wheat flour, this is so that the garlic sauce is fixed very well to the fishes and when frying the fishes those will become more golden color and crunchy.

In the stove high heat, we put oil in an enough large pan to fit the fish well.

When the oil is very hot, carefully place the huachinango fish.

When you see that it is golden color from below we turned it with two blades.

Let them brown for five minutes and put the stove in lower heat leaving them another five minutes for a complete cooking inside.

The fried fish is placed on paper to remove the excess oil.

You need to make same procedure for the 2 fishes.

The garlic huachinango fish are served with a fresh salad of lettuce, also accompanied with a red rice soup and refried beans.




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