Portion quantity: 10 Gorditas

Ingredients for cooking a rich Gorditas with cheese or pork

1/2 Kilo of corn masa

5 Slices of manchego cheese

2 Spoons of butter

1/4 Cup with water

¼ Teaspoon of baking powder

1   Tablespoon of salt

1 Cup of oil

200 Grams of pork rind



In a bowl put the dough,  add the baking powder, the salt, the butter, the water and mix everything very well until the ingredients are perfectly integrated, this is the secret for the gorditas with cheese or pork rind to be soft and fresh.

Put a little dough in your hand and in the dough center put half slice of Manchego cheese and form balls then the dough ball need to be flatten with the hands and give the shape of the gordita style, we do the same with half of the dough total quantity, the other half we reserved to make the gorditas with pork.

In the blender we put the pork rind and we pulverize it, we add it to the rest of the mass and we stir very well until it integrates the uniform pork rind in the whole mass, if we see that it is a little dry we add a little water, we do the same thing with the whole mass, balls and flattened with the hands, we can also help with two plates, putting a plastic is placed the dough in a dish is covered with the leftover plastic and with the other dish press to form the thick gorditas with cheese or pork

In a frying pan on high heat we put the oil, when it is very hot we place the Gorditas with cheese or pork with care because the oil can jump. We let them to brown through the bottom and turn them until they turn light golden color.

Remove them from the fire by placing them on absorbent paper to remove excess oil.

The Gorditas are served on a bed of lettuce finely chopped, they are put sauce, they are decorated with cream and it adds chopped onion.




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