Portobellos Stuffed With Flavor

Gorditas with cheese


Gorditas with cheese

A Mexican food extremely economical, delicious quick and easy to prepare

The gorditas with cheese and crackling are an excellent option at breakfast, at dinner, or prepare them as a delicious snack.

With a few ingredients you can prepare the delicious gorditas with cheese or crackling. With a kilo of masa you can get twenty gorditas of good size.

I prepare the gorditas with cheese with manchego cheese but you can use the cheese that you have at home or the cheese of your preference, as the cheese is hidden in the center of the gordita when those are fried within hot oil the cheese does not burn, just melts deliciously inside the gordita. It is a surprise ingredient when it comes at eating the gorditas time.

The gorditas of chicharrón are a little saltier for the salt that already contains the crackling but they taste is so delicious with a good little crunchy consistency.

The gorditas with cheese and crackling are served, preferably, on a bed of fresh lettuce cut finely, a sauce is added on top of the gorditas, the procedure of the sauce its available in another video I have for you, but you can use the one that you have at home or your preferred one.

They gorditas with cheese are decorated with cream, I put the cream in a plastic bag to which I cut the tip of one of its corners as if it were a pastry bag, I press the bag and the cream comes out so that you can decorate them at your whim, it is very fun to do what your imagination dictates, whether it be simple stripes as shown in the video or even a happy face.

Add small onion squares that give that crisp and fresh touch. Also you can add striped codfish.

Gorditas with cheese

These gorditas with cheese and crackling are going to be a great hit in your table.




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