Granny’s recipe for chickpea soup


Come cook with me this Granny’s recipe

The ingredients are:

1/2 Kg of soaked Chickpeas

2 medium tomatoes

1 piece of Saffron

2 Serrano’s Chilies (green chilies)

1 onion

1 Ball of corn mass

2 cloves garlic, chopped

Salt as per your choice

1/4 cup Vegetable oil or coconut oil

1 Pinch of Cumin

1 Pinch of Clove

1 Pinch of Pepper

The preparation of this Chickpea soup Granny’s recipe is really interesting, this is the one my grandmother teached me how to cook. Let’s start:

The chickpeas are put to hydrate all night, by this way their cooking is faster, it saves stove gas or electricity and time.

Put the chickpeas to cook for about 40 minutes or 1 hour, otherwise 20 minutes in an express pot.

Cut the tomatoes in pieces like these, you can peel the tomato which is ok but I prefer like this due it grants fiber to the body and it gives a better flavor to the Chickpea soup , but I left you to choose the best way for you.

The onion is sliced ​​into half-moons; it gives a very special flavor and consistency to Chickpea soup Granny’s recipe. The Saffron is liquefied; being careful because it paints a lot, then it is strained. Also the dough is liquefied with the seasoning and then to strain also.

The onion is fried a little bit until it gets light gold color and then the garlic is added, and then put the green chilies.

When those are little bit fried the tomato is incorporated and put salt as per your choice. soup is almost done.

Add the saffron and the dough, then put water in order that the Chickpea soup can be with enough broth.

You can serve it and enjoy this Granny’s recipe for chickpea soup, which is traditional and that my grandmother shared with us.

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