Green enchiladas with chicken

Green enchiladas with chicken

Green enchiladas with chicken

With this recipe for green enchiladas with chicken, you will discover how easy it is to prepare them and how delicious they are.

You will surprise your family or guests with this succulent Mexican dish.

It is a very practical meal, I prepare a large amount because I like to put them in individual packages in the freezer, so that my family always has their food ready, just take them out of the freezer, serve them and heat them in the oven. oven. microwave. or on the stove, in a pan with a little chicken broth or water.

These green enchiladas with chicken are like the famous Swiss enchiladas, the corn tortilla is seasoned with garlic and, of course, you can not lose that characteristic Mexican touch; Serrano chili pepper, which gives it a slightly spicy flavor.

The purpose of frying the tortillas is so that they do not break when we fill them with the shredded chicken and so that the green sauce adheres better to them.

The decoration that is given to them of acid cream, white onion and finely cut cheese, besides giving it a magnificent presentation, increases its flavor.

They can be accompanied with fried beans.

When we cook these green enchiladas with chicken at home, we know that we bring to the table a source of nutritious and tasty health, we save money and we have confidence in the hygiene of their preparation.

These green enchiladas with chicken can be found in almost all restaurants in Mexico, but I believe that the best place to enjoy food is at home.

Our greatest reward is knowing how much our family likes what we love with love.

Teresa de Anda.

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