Cooking the flavor of Mexico

Chiles poblano are very used in many rich dishes, there is a great variety of Mexican recipes that are prepared with this healthy and delicious poblano chile, such as the famous chiles en nogada, there are many tips for roasting and peeling poblano chiles in order to prepare for example; rajas with cheese, with elote, cream of poblano chile, sauces, capped poblano chilies, also the poblano chiles can be filled with cheese and any meat or tuna, they are also very practical to be filled with the stews or meals that we prepare for the family and that we refrigerate because they may not be finished eating.

Let me tell you some tips for roasting and peeling poblano chiles; these can be roasted directly in the fire of the stove, or in a comal, with a tweezers we turn them until they are completely roasted without being burned, and when those are roasted it is very easy to remove the skin under the stream of water, with that we make that the peppers are not so spicy, also we remove the veins and seeds this is one of the best tips for roasting and peeling poblano chilies in order to reach that those will not be so spicy. Put them in a plastic bag and cover with a cloth to finish cooking and remain soft to prepare as we like.

The color of this beautiful fruit is an intense bright green are large and with a very appetizing smell.

The origin of poblano come from South America in Peru and Guatemala but are harvested mainly since ancient times at Mexico where the Aztecs used them as a remedy for arthritis. In this ancestral remedy the Aztecs used these tips for roasting and peeling poblano chile.

Poblano chile is a rich source of vitamins C that protects us from respiratory diseases and vitamin A that helps our vision and also gives us great benefits to our skin keeping it healthy. It is a natural cholesterol reducer.

Can you see how easy these tips for roasting and peeling poblano chilies are? It is simple, in my tips page you can find some practical methods in the kitchen which I hope can be useful for you. Find us on Facebook and share with us your tips in the group of cooks friends.

How to roast and peel poblano chile