Huachinango fish with garlic



huachinango fish with garlic


This is a very good recipe that you will like very much, cooked in this way the huachinango fish with garlic is gilded, crisp and with a delicious flavor.

Remember that when buying the fish it must have bright eyes and jumped, at the contact with our fingers making a very little pressure you can check that it must be firm their flesh, this will indicate that the fish is fresh.

It is very simple and easy to prepare, in a few minutes you can enjoy this nutritious fish with garlic.

Cook with me, following the video where it is shown step by step how easy is to prepare it.

The huachinango fish with garlic (redfish) can be accompanied with red rice and a salad with lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, salt and pepper.

We have to be careful when eating it due the thorns. This kind of fish has its thorns only in the center, so we can eat it with no problem if we eat the top at first and leave the thorns in sight and then turn it to finish it. Believe me, this huachinango fish with garlic is delicious is just a matter to try it.

If for some reason you could swallow some of its thorns do not distress or despair, one of remedies is eating a banana, this would make slip it and reach the stomach where it will be disintegrated with our own acids.

Once we have the huachinango fish with garlic well golden we put it on sheets of paper in order to remove the excess of oil.

I know that you will enjoy this magnificent recipe of the sea.Huachinango fish with garlic

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