Mexican Cauliflower Ceviche


1 Cauliflower

2 Tomatoes

1 Onion

½ Coriander Cup

1 Avocado

Salt, Pepper

Lemon Juice


1 Tuna Can

Serrano Chile

Habanero Chili


We know the cauliflower; we cut the coriander finely and in little squares the tomatoes, onion, avocado & cauliflower.

In a bowl we mix all the ingredients; we add salt, pepper & lemon juice.

The Mexican cauliflower ceviche is served as snack with toasted tortilla.

Also you can serve the Mexican cauliflower ceviche it with tortilla chips.

This Mexican cauliflower ceviche is very fresh, I prepare it for my family in warm season; they like pretty much, the first time that I prepared it nobody recognize that I replaced the fish with cauliflower.

It was fun to see their wonder faces when I told them, I like to feed my family with the gifts that nature give us a cross on cauliflower.

The gifts of Cauliflower

It is wonderful to know about all benefits that the cauliflower grants to our body. I want to share with you this interesting information.

It contains antioxidants that are the destroyers of the free radicals accelerator of aging.

It helps to prevent the chronic inflammation by avoiding arthritis and chronic joint pain. It is diuretic and depurative, protects the heart by lowering cholesterol levels.

When we eat it the body receives this gifts that cauliflower has for us. Vitamin A, K, which contain:

  • Magnesium: Helps to the good functioning of nervous system
  • Potassium: Maintain the cells normal pressure, and regulate the water balance, reinforce the contraction & relaxation of muscles.
  • Phosphor: Reinforce the bones, maintaining those healthy & strong.
  • * Riboflavin:  Helps in the red blood cells, of antibodies, involved in the maintenance of the epithelial tissue, especially of the ocular cornea.
  • Niacin: Maintains good functioning of the nervous system and good condition of the skin.
  • Pantothenic acid: Make feel us better from disorders that leave stress and heartburn.
  • Pyridoxine; It benefits the metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins.
  • Biotin; Relieves stress, stabilizes sugar levels in the blood, strengthens nails and hair.
  • Folic acid; Producer of red and white blood cells and antibodies that regulate the immune system. For this reason it is important to include it in the diet of pregnant women.
  • Cobalamin; Effective to combat allergies, fatigue, memory problems, cholesterol.

Now you know that when you consume Cauliflower we stay young, healthy and strong.

Close your eyes for a moment enjoy the taste and texture of this Mexican cauliflower ceviche. Imagine the whole process that had to pass each ingredient to be in your mouth and bring to your body these natural ingredients.


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