Mexican Nopales Stuffed with Tuna




2 Nopales

3 Large mushrooms

1/2 Onion

1 Chile Poblano

1/2 cup of corn kernels

1 can of tuna

Salt to taste


For the sauce 



3 Tomatoes

1 Chile wide

Salt as per your choice



The wide chili seeds are removed and placed in a pot to cook with water along with the tomatoes.

The Nopales are cut in half taking care to not perforate them.

Mushrooms skin needs to be removed and then cut in thin slices. 

No need to wash because in doing that they absorb the water and lose their flavor of this Mexican Nopales stuffed with tuna recipe.

The poblano chili is roasted in a comal or directly to the fire, then need to be peeled and cut into small squares.

The onion is also cut into small squares.

In a frying pan with little oil, the onion is added with the poblano chili, salt is added.

After that we incorporate the corn kernels and slices of mushrooms.

Look it start to smell good this Mexican Nopales stuffed with tuna recipe we are doing.

Mix it, cover and let it cook for five minutes.

The cooked tomatoes and chili are liquefied in the blender with little water or chicken broth, then pass it through a colander.

The Nopales are filled with the vegetables that were cooked and with pieces of tuna.

These are the principal ingredients for the Mexican Nopales stuffed with tuna recipe.

Close with chopsticks and put them in a hot pan where they are roast, do not add oil, with their own juice are cooked very well.

Cover the pan for a better cooking and when they change their color those need to be turned, the salt is added, cover the pan again and let it cook until they are soft, the time will depend on the thickness of the cactus.

They are removed from the fire and in this same pan the sauce is poured so that it is seasoned with what remained in the pan, it is cooked and the Nopales are added so that they finish their cooking.

This Mexican Nopales stuffed with tuna recipe was one of the most liked in a gastronomic fair held at Japan; 20 million tons of the Mexican cacti are imported to Japan yearly.

They are served and decorated with some cheese.

The Mexican Nopales stuffed with tuna recipe will bring the flavor of Mexico to your table.



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