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Do you want to know the flavor of Mexico? Come and cook with me this tasty Fish with vegetables of Veracruz, a Mexican recipe, its flavor will surprise you.

If you are Mexican and you are abroad, prepare and bring to your table the flavor that will make you feel that you are in your beloved country with this Fish with vegetables of Veracruz recipe, you will imagine you are in your Mexican country a place where nature made a paradise of rich and nutritious foods, combined in traditional recipes make an explosion of flavors unequaled, as is this ancestral recipe that we inherited from our Mexican and Spanish ancestors, Fish with vegetables of Veracruz, it is better recognized in Mexico with the name of “Pescado a la Veracruzana”.

This typical food was created at Veracruz, a beautiful state that is located to the south of Mexico. Here was the place where the Spaniards came first came with their gastronomy, which was combined with the Mexican and resulted in a party of flavors, which you can try with this fish with vegetables of Veracruz. The Spaniards brought the capers and the olives in this Mexican food.

The traditional fish which was used originally is with huachinango fish, but it can be prepared with the fish of your preference, I cooked it with marlin. I like its flavor and it was the favorite of my father, he cooked us a great and sensational food of marlin for nine children and wife.

It is a memory that fills me with nostalgia and gratitude. We all helped him to cut the vegetables, but in the kitchen alone he cooked in large pots and I always watched him cooking with an smile in his face. Was that the reason why his food was so delicious?

The yellow chilies which are not very spicy, but if you want to give your saucer more spicy, those can be substituted with jalapeno peppers. The olives are incorporated without the bone, in slices or whole, they can be also stuffed with pepper.

In this recipe we add sea salt to marlin, it should be put only little portion because the capers are salted already.

To write about this wonderful food made me crave for eating it, the today I will prepare this Fish with vegetables of Veracruz recipe again. Irresistible Its sensational taste.

Click the button and cook with me, I invite you to eat this delicious Fish with vegetables of Veracruz recipe.

Fish with vegetables of Veracruz




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