Mexican Recipe of Shrimp Cakes

Mexican Recipe of Shrimp Cakes

Mexican Recipe of Shrimp Cakes


Mexican Recipe of Shrimp Cakes? You are in the right place. This recipe, Mexican Recipe of Shrimp Cakes is a big tradition in Mexico and the special recipe that we have for you in this video has been passed down from many generations in my family.

This Mexican Recipe is consumed mainly at the time of Lent. We all know about this, the 40 days before Easter. The Church suggest fasting and abstinence. Fasting consist of making a daily meal. Abstinence means not eating meats. This is why is very popular in Mexico during this season.

Mexican Recipe of Shrimp Cakes are very economical and healthy too. Your family will love these things at anytime in the year. Just watch the video, follow the steps and you will see that literally, in a few minutes you will have something great, and easy to make for your loved ones.

Besides being a very rich meal, it is nutritious for all the ingredients that make it up. It is made with shrimp, eggs, nopales, tomatoes, irreplaceable garlic and chili peppers (they may be called peppers in the United States).

In this Mexican Recipe, we are going to grind up the shrimp shells and use them in the dish. You might want to use your blender to do this part. Also, you might not want to tell anyone that you did this before the meal because this is not something that is done in the US. This process will make more sense when you watch the video.

The recipe is a bit strong, spicy, but when you combine the ingredients with nopal, then it give it the balance of taste that you will enjoy. Of course, in this Mexican Recipe of Shrimp Cakes recipe, some lemon juice squirted over the top will enhance the flavor. You may want to place the lemon juice on the side so that your quest can add it to their own desired taste.

Many times I’ll serve my Mexican Recipe of Shrimp Cakes with white rice, beans, or soup.Mexican Recipe of Shrimp Cakes

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