Mexican tacos with jamaica


Mexican tacos with Jamaica


Want to try something different and tasty? Cook with me these Mexican tacos with Jamaica.

No one will believe that they are made with Jamaica flowers.

Those are ideal to satisfy the tastes of those who seek a new and nutritious flavor.

It is also an excellent choice for people who are vegetarian. I am one of them and the first time I tried it was in a “Taquiza”, this is the name of the meals that are organized in some places of Mexico, where friends or relatives are gathered and meals are prepared based on different types of tacos, most of them made with meat, fortunately my sister who knows that I do not eat meat, prepared this delicacy that we all liked very much, I remember that day I ate many Mexican tacos with Jamaica but since those are light I had no problem.

These Mexican tacos with Jamaica I have been cooked for reunions and all the guests are surprised when they know what the tacos are made with. The texture of the flower is soft and fleshy; the condiments give the perfect seasoning to these Mexican tacos with Jamaica.

Mexican tacos with Jamaica

They are accompanied with sauce, beans, onion and cilantro; if you want you can check in Cooking the Flavor of México sauce recipes which can be ideal for these Mexican tacos with Jamaica, also quesadillas are prepared with Jamaica Flower and with some cheese that is melted, like manchego, gouda, Oaxaca or Monterrey.

These Mexican tacos with Jamaican are extremely easy to prepare and economic.


When we cook them we have a very nutritious tasty meal and a refreshing drink, because when cooking the Jamaican we obtain its syrup, which you can keep in the refrigerator and prepare various liters of refreshing Jamaica water.

The Jamaica Flower has African origin, in Mexico there are great crops of this wonderful plant.

Jamaican offers multiple benefits to our health, contains several vitamins, antioxidants, which help us to stay young and healthy, and is diuretic so it is an excellent option to include it in the diet if we want to lose weight, your nutritionist can confirm this.

Studies have shown that it also has aphrodisiac and medicinal effects.

Now that you know little more about this nature gift, I’m sure you’ll include it in your pantry to prepare delicious Mexican tacos with Jamaica together with your refreshing drink.

I invite you to watch the video here in Cooking, we prepared it to share with you this nutritious vegetarian food.

Mexican tacos with Jamaica




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