Mexican Taquera Sauce

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This is the best Mexican taquera sauce that you can cook in a very easy and fast way.

It is delicious and versatile; It combines very well with all kinds of tacos, with quesadillas, toasts, buns, etc.

Its name is Mexican taquera sauce, but this sauce of tomatoes and chilies is also ideal as a base for any stew of meat, chicken and fish, giving them a sensational flavor.


Mexican taquera sauce

The ingredients for this Mexican taquera sauce are few but their flavor is great, they are only necessary;

3 tomatoes Saladet

8 dry tree chiles

1 large clove of garlic

1 tablespoon of grain salt.

Preparation of Mexican taquera sauce;

In a flat pan, on the stove over medium heat, roast the tomatoes, the chiles de árbol, without the stem and the garlic.

Turn constantly so that they settle evenly, do not burn the chiles from the trees to burn them, because if they burn, the sauce will have a bitter taste, and as soon as they are lightly toasted, they should be removed from the flat pan. .

When the tomatoes are already toasted, the chilies and garlic are placed in the blender, add the tablespoon of grain salt and add very little water. Mix it to the highest potency if you want to have the liquid sauce, but if what you want is a sauce like the molcajete sauce, just turn on the blender for a few seconds and turn it off until you get the desired consistency of the Mexican taquera sauce.

It is not necessary to remove the skin from the tomatoes.

I like that the Mexican taquera sauce is very spicy and a little liquefied so that it looks more appetizing, I serve it in a molcajete. If you do not like spicy sauces, use less quantity of chilies, the flavor will still be excellent!

I invite you to prepare this delicious Mexican taquera sauce with me, when you try it you will include it in your menu.

Your friend, Teresa de Anda.

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