Mushroom and ham omelet

Mushroom and ham omelet

Mushroom and ham omelet

This delicious mushroom and ham omelet breakfast will be one of your favorites for how easy and quick it’s the way of preparing it, your family will like it.

Breakfast is the most important food of the day, as the saying goes;

” Take a Breakfast like a king, eat like a prince and dinner as a beggar”

And have something delicious as this mushroom and ham omelet, which gives us the energy we need to perform all the activities of the day.

It is light and very nutritious breakfast, it’s ingredients have lots of proteins and vitamins and easy digestion.

Usually the breakfast is prepared with eggs, there are in many ways, either scrambled or starred, which are the most common, but cooking this mushroom and ham omelet, give us the variety that we like to bring to the table, separated of being tasty, its presentation is very showy and there is no one who resists to try this delicious food.

The mushroom and ham omelet we present is stuffed with manchego cheese, with mushrooms stewed with garlic that gives a good seasoning, and covered with a delicious cream of mushrooms made with Parmesan cheese and cream.

For its presentation and flavor, we decorate it with strips of ham. You can also decorate with slices of bacon.

This mushroom and ham omelet dish we can accompany it with vegetables, fried potatoes, or you can serve it with fried beans.

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Mushroom and ham omelet




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