Nopales stuffed with tuna

Nopales stuffed with tuna


This is one of the classic Mexican recipes, elaborated with the main representative ingredient of Mexico in any part of the world, the delicious Nopal. Therefore the recipe which we will prepare is Nopales stuffed with tuna.

Nopales stuffed with tuna

The Nopal is one of the national symbols of Mexico; its image is reflected in the National Flag, in the shield, in the coins.

We Mexicans are extremely proud to have large crops of this plant, which is family of cacti. It´s pad with spines save a unique flavor which is nutritious and healing.

The Nopal Fruit is called tuna, it has a great variety of colors, and it is very fresh and sweet.  The Nopales stuffed with tuna is a culinary legacy and original millenary meal. As of Nopales stuffed with tuna recipe which is one of many nopal recipes that can be cooked.

In the Aztec kitchens already were prepared in earthenware, accompanied by handmade corn tortillas. It was a saucer offered at ancestral ceremonies.

Japan is one of the countries that imports most of the percentage of Nopal from Mexico, reaching 20 million tons per year. The most demanded item presentations are the fresh, cooked nopal, nopal powder with which one they elaborate infinity of recipes and natural medicines.

Recently, in Japan, a gastronomic fair was held; many dishes were prepared and presented in which the foreign ingredients were combined with those from their country. The Nopales stuffed with tuna was one of the most successful dishes.

In any part of México you can by and get this gift of the Gods for preparing these Nopales stuffed with tuna which beside of be so delicious those are nutritious.

The Nopales are the perfect ingredient for Mexican kitchen. You can taste in stews, roasts, tortillas, sauces, and also sweet jams.

Today Cooking the Flavor of Mexico invites you to cook this delicacy following the video; you will be surprised to see how simple and tasty it is to prepare this Nopales stuffed with tuna.

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