Omelette of Amaranth with cheese

Omelette of amaranth with cheese

Omelette of amaranth with cheese


This omelette of Amaranth with cheese breakfast is excellent due it gives us the energy we need every day.

The omelette of Amaranth with cheese is very easy and fast for cooking, I prepare a large portion and I put to refrigerate, by this way within the next morning is easier to put the pan on the stove with butter and put little mixture, let it cook a little, turn it and fill it with the ingredient of your choice.

Serve the omelette of amaranth with cheese accompanied with vegetables or beans, or take it from food to work or school.

Amaranth was named as the best food of vegetable origin by the National Academy of Sciences of the United States.

It is one of the cereals with the most protein, in Mexico it is consumed mainly in typical sweets or candies such as the famous called “Alegrias” in cookies, tamales, flavor waters, cereals and flours.

It is a tiny seed that burst with the heat like popcorn; it is not sweet so it can be prepared in salty foods as I present it in this rich omelette of amaranth recipe.

It’s an important source of nutrients since it contains calcium, iron, niacin, folic acid, minerals and vitamins A, B, C, B1, B2 and B3.

Now that you know all the great benefits that it brings to your family you cannot forget to include it in your breakfasts this delicious omelette  it is a light food but very nutritious breakfast.

Within the variety it’s the taste, and you can prepare this kind of breakfasts in many ways using the same ingredients that you have in your refrigerator and that we commonly use every day as we can see in this omelette of amaranth with cheese which separate of tasty is very showy.

I really enjoy giving a nice presentation to all the dishes that I bring to the table; it is amazing to see how the taste is improved when it’s creatively served & decorated.

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Omelette of Amaranth with cheese




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