2 Eggs

1/2 cup amaranth

1 tablespoon butter


2 slices of manchego cheese



In order to cook this omelette with amaranth we start with a bowl of two eggs, or you can use only the egg whites, add a little milk then the omelet with amaranth is softer and fresh, without the milk it will be a little bit dry, we add a pinch of sea salt, I use salt in grain.

Then add half cup of amaranth, the amaranth is a tiny seed that is very easy to get at any supermarket, sold already inflated, like popcorn, we have to check that it does not contain sugar to cook it in this omelette with amaranth, because you also find it with honey or sugar, in Mexico it is very common to use it in desserts, it is an extremely nutritious cereal containing a lot of nutrients.

Mix the ingredients very well until they are integrated and the consistency is thick.

We put in the stove a Teflon skillet, which is the recommended one so that the omelette with amaranth does not stick to the frying pan.

We melt the butter there which separated from giving it a better flavor, prevents it from sticking, when we use oil the omelettes are glued to the frying pan.

When the butter is melted we incorporate the mixture to cook under the omelette with amaranth, let it cook for two minutes and turn it carefully, while its cooked in the bottom, then we put the filling and use manchego cheese as you can see in the video, but you can fill it with your favorite cheese.

We fold the omelette with amaranth forming a taco; let the manchego cheese melt and then finally the omelette with amaranth is ready.

We serve accompanied with slices of tomato, onion and lettuce or you can accompany it with beans.

Let’s enjoy this magnificent food.


Omelette With Amaranth


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