Pipian with chicken


Pipian with chicken

Welcome to Cooking the Flavor of Mexico, this time we present a traditional Mexican recipe, pipian with chicken made with pumpkin seeds.

You can see step by step how to prepare this delicious pipian with chicken.

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pipian with chicken

In this season of year end pumpkins can be found everywhere, with them we can prepare a countless recipes, meals and desserts cooked with this wonderful vegetable.

For this pipian with chicken recipe we will cook it with pumpkin seeds which are the main ingredient in this tasty meal.

The pipian sauce of this pipian with chicken recipe, we called also as “mole” which is and spicy sauce commonly is made with chilies and chocolate mostly, but we will prepare it with the pumpkin seeds combined with sesame, sunflower seeds, peanuts and a wide chili, which result in a tasty creamy sauce that keeps the traditional flavor of the typical foods of Mexico as the called Pipian or mole.

Pumpkin seeds shell need to be removed, this task is very difficult and it takes a lot of time to do so you can do it for preparing the pipian with chicken, however I prefer to buy pumpkin seeds without shell, in Mexico we call to pumpkin seeds “nuggets” which are economic and nutritious.

When the pumpkin seeds are consumed it grant proteins and vitamins A, C and E to the organism, they are also anti-inflammatory and antiparasitic, for this reason the medicinal products which are natural and made with pumpkin seeds has high demand.

Preparing  the pipian with chicken is very simple, the pumpkin seeds of roasted in a Comal for a few minutes to increase its flavor, only we are going to let them roast a little because if they burn the sauce takes a bitter seasoning. The same is done with the other seeds and we liquefy those with a little chicken broth.

In all Mexican recipes the pipian with chicken is one of main recipes.

The pipian sauce has several colors; like green, red and yellow, depending on the ingredients with which the seeds are combined.





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