Pumpkin Pie and Pork

Pork meat and pumpkin pie

This recipe I learned it from my grandmother, she is an excellent cook and she is also my teacher in the art of cooking.

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Pork meat and pumpkin pie

There are days when time is short and we cannot cook something very elaborated, but with this pumpkin pie and pork recipe we can make it quick and easy, in a few minutes it will be ready to eat, besides this pork meat and pumpkin pie is very economic.

You only need three flour tortillas which you do not have to cook because those you can buy already prepared.

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The preparation is very simple; only flour tortillas are spread with mayonnaise, covered with a layer of stew cooked meat, cooked pumpkin and cheese, the same process is repeated with two more layers.

I like to take advantage of everything I have in the refrigerator, today I share how to prepare this pumpkin pie and pork, but I have also filled it with some food that was not finished and that I kept in the refrigerator, or simply with tuna.

Of course! The pumpkin pie and pork can be refrigerated in individual portions in the freezer, for up to a month.

It is a practical food to take for school or work. But I warn you, your colleagues are going to ask you. That’s why I cook two or three cakes, to share with the people I live with.

I always find it a great satisfaction to share my recipes and meals; I don’t know why every time I share my food, it tastes more delicious.

And today I share with you this tasty recipe for pumpkin pie and pork, I hope you like it and that it is useful in your kitchen.





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