Pork with guajillo chile sauce

Pork with guajillo chili sauce

I invite you to prepare with me this delicious recipe; you will like due its flavor and for all the dishes that you can cook with the ingredients. It is very easy and quick to prepare.

This pork with guajillo Chili sauce is widely used in various foods such as rich cakes, tacos either fried or tortilla is also common in toast or traditional burritos. Accompanied with a few beans or eggs, as you wish.

My mother prepares some tasty steamed tacos with this pork with guajillo chili sauce, from which I learned this recipe. She cooks them in a large steamer because she makes many, my family is very big, I am the oldest of nine brothers and sisters, all married and with family.

You can imagine what the family reunions are like. Christmas, birthdays, we had a lot of fun, always accompanied with good music and of course with lot of food, but the pork with guajillo chili sauce are preferred by all.

I no longer like them, I have 5 years of being a vegetarian, but for me she always have something special based on vegetables. She pampers all of us with what we like.

Every Sunday my mother has a party at her house, she also sings to us, she does it very well, we all want to attend and share pleasant moments, and family life is very beautiful.

For this pork with guajillo chili sauce I used a cut called “espaldilla” a shoulder because it is more juicy meat, but can also be prepared with leg or pork loin.

It is very simple to cut the pork shoulder because once it is cooked very soft and juicy, then it is really easy to split it into thin strips,  I use two forks but also can be split with the hands.

In Mexico there is a great variety of chilies, among them the guajillo chili that takes that name when it is dry, it is also known as rattlesnake chili, catarino or costeño. Its color is intense red and is used in many Mexican foods such as the famous mole.

Come and prepare with me this tasty food like this pork with guajillo chili sauce, following step by step the elaboration that we show you in the video, just click on the button and enjoy this delicious pork with guajillo chili sauce.

pork with guajillo Chili sauce





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