Vegetarian meal with mushrooms

Portobello Vegetarian Hamburger

Portobello vegetarian hamburger


Portobello Vegetarian HamburgerPortobello Vegetarian Hamburger ?

This one is to die for. Once your family, yes even your kids get a taste of our Portobello Vegetarian Hamburger, they will keep you in the kitchen for hours and hours cooking more. Sorry about that.

Our Portobello Vegetarian Hamburger is easy to make, quick to make and very cheap to buy the stuff to make it happen. After you, your special loved one and/or your kids get there hands on this baby, “Bye, Bye McDonalds,” and all of the chemicals that go with it, staying in your body for 99 plus years.

Unlike McDonalds, Our  Hamburger contains the necessary vitamins and minerals for good nutrition.  The contents are an excellent substitute for meat (and taste way better). The flavor and consistency make this burger the burger to make for your family every day ( ok, maybe I’m pushing it, but I eat them everyday for lunch. Why not, they’re really good).

Just watch the video. You’ll see me whip up this Portobello Vegetarian Hamburger in no time. I almost videoed the neighborhood kids eating them up, but it was disgusting. Sorry, they got so excited the whole thing turned into a riot. All the kids wanted the first  Hamburger, then after everybody had one, they wanted more and started screaming and yelling at each other. I never had this problem when I brought home ice cream or McDonald’s.

So what makes these Portobello Hamburgers so special. Again, watch the video. You’ll see me create a marinade made up of fresh rosemary, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, garlic oil, and then a little bit of salt and pepper.

The result of the combination of these ingredients with the portobello mushroom just kicks ass. Uppppppsss, Sorry for getting so excited. But, it is sensational.

The portobellos quickly absorb the mixture. While we prepare the other ingredients we leave them marinating and then pass them to a pan with a little olive oil. Cooking time is very short. In four minutes, yes, only four minutes your and your people will be ready to eat.

Portobello vegetarian hamburger

My Portobello Vegetarian Hamburger is the Bomb! Watch the video and enjoy.


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Portobello vegetarian hamburger