Pozole sauce


Pozole sauce

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In this occasion we want to share the recipe of one of the most traditional sauces in Mexico, pozole sauce.

This name was acquired in Jalisco, place of origin, is a State located in western Mexico. Jalisco has been blessed with a large part of the culture that represents us all over the world as; Tequila, Mariachi, Charrería and of course, a variety of famous traditional foods; the pozole, Tortas ahogadas, Birria, between others.

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This sauce has transcended the borders, you can get it anywhere in the world.

Its preparation is extremely simple and economical, with the advantage that it can be stored in the pantry or in the refrigerator for a time up to 2 months without losing its spicy flavor.

We Mexicans have the fame well earned, to put chili to everything we eat, this pozole sauce combines perfect with many meals and snacks. The fries with lemon and with this pozole sauce become irresistible. As the famous advertising phrase says; “You cannot eat just one”

In addition to all this, the tree chilies provide us with a large amount of vitamin C and A.

It is anti-inflammatory and an excellent natural analgesic, when we eat it the brain produces more endorphins that cause us a pleasant feeling of well-being.

It is also a return to life; due eating it helps after having ingested a lot of alcohol.

The plant that gives us the tree chilies is native of America and the name of CHILE (chili) comes from the Nahuatl language (Language, Mexican Aztec) named CHILLI.

The pozole sauce, although this elaborated with very few ingredients has a delicious flavor.

Now get ready to season any meal with this original pozole sauce.




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