Pumpkin and Tuna Braid

One of the plates that look really good in the table at lunch, dinner or a party with family or friends is the pumpkin and tuna braid cooked plate. It has a really good presentation in the table plus it is delicious and most of all nutritious. I remember the first time that I cooked for a Christmas party with family which is a really special occasion to be together with all. I prepared the plate with 1 to 2 days of anticipation and put in the freezer due as you know when we have an special event, there are many things to do and prepare before the event or party. Therefore I was not stressed due I prepared this easy, tasty and pretty good at view, with anticipation, and when the event day arrive, I just take out from freezer and heat in oven just before eating time. I remember that my family liked it a lot due although is a stew it feels good to the stomach like not heavy plate. Let’s try and prepare this recipe together.

The will look very nice at the table in parties of the month of December or also for Thanksgiving Day seasons in which the tables of homes are filled with succulent dishes to share and enjoy with loved ones.




pumpkin and tuna braid

  • 500 grams of puff pastry

  • 500 grams of pumpkin

  • 250 grams of fresh tuna

  • 150 grams of cream cheese

  • 150 grams of Cheddar cheese

  • 1 egg

  • 100 grams of butter

  • 1 Poblano Chili

  • 1 clove garlic

  • Salt

  • Pepper

  • Dried parsley




Pumpkin is put to sew in water. It is sliced; the same is done with tuna.

The poblano pepper or chili is roasted to remove the skin later; the seeds and veins are removed also and cut into strips.

The garlic is finely chopped.

To spread the puff pastry, put a little wheat flour and roll over it to spread it.

A rectangle is formed with two cuts in the top and bottom. At the sides cuts about one inch wide.

The corners of the dough are removed.

For having a really good filled pumpkin and tuna braid we put in their center the cream cheese, the slices of tuna, the chopped garlic, the pumpkin slices, and the strips of poblano pepper, the cheddar cheese, salt, pepper and dry parsley.

To form the pumpkin braid, the dough is folded, first the upper cut we did, then the cuts of the sides, tilting a little so that the braid is formed well, trying to leave not open spaces, it is finished covering with the cut lower,  then this pumpkin and tuna braid will be really good cooked.

Grease and put a little flour in the mold in which the pumpkin and tuna braid is going to be baked.

Place the pumpkin and tuna braid in the center of the mold and smear the egg, lightly beaten.

The egg will seal the spaces that were left uncovered, put the salt, pepper and parsley.

The pumpkin and tuna braid is put into the oven previously heated to 180 degrees for 40 (forty) minutes.

pumpkin and tuna braid




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