Pumpkin Braid with tuna

Pumpkin Braid with Tuna

Pumpkin Braid with tuna

In my house, for Christmas dinner it looks very nice at the table, that day is full of activities, so I prepare a few days before and only put it in the oven to heat it before to eat it.

Try this delicious pumpkin braid with tuna; you will want to include it in your favorite foods.

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Pumpkin Braid with Tuna

Pumpkin Treat for you with this great bread.  This is a good option to consume healthy and nutritious foods in a very tasty way.

It’s simple preparation make this Pumpkin Braid with Tuna food an ally in the kitchen when we want to cook something different with the wonderful ingredient that is the pumpkin.

The first time I cooked the Pumpkin Braid, I didn’t try it because my children finished with it before serving it at the table, since that time, when I make several, so I take advantage of the space in the oven, saving gas and I can refrigerate for a week.

I like to have some nutritious food in the fridge ready to satisfy my family’s cravings. This pumpkin braid with tuna has been my salvation when an unexpected visitor arrives. I’ve also cooked and bring it to meetings with friends and them all like it a lot.

The puff pastry is very easy to get in any bakery, but if you do not find it, you can see its preparation in another of my pages.

With the puff pastry several presentations are made, it is very easy to prepare any shape you want to give it, play with your imagination and make real works of culinary art.

To give it that shine that makes the pumpkin braid with tuna more appetizing just need to spread it with egg whites before putting it in the oven.

The taste of the tuna pumpkin braid is delicious, it is crispy on the outside and inside it has a smooth and creamy texture.

In the year-end festive season this meal is excellent for its flavor and presentation.





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