Pumpkin lasagna with chicken

Pumpkin Lasagna with Chicken


pumpkin lasagna with chicken

Kitchen is my passion cooking to share.

Therefore today I share with you this tasty pumpkin lasagna with chicken.

I invite you to prepare this delicious pumpkin lasagna with chicken.

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pumpkin lasagna with chicken

I am pretty sure that you will include this pumpkin lasagna with chicken in your favorite pastas.

When someone tells me; Delicious!! That’s the best compliment I can receive, it is a reward, by this way I discovered that the main ingredient in my meals is to please the people who taste my seasoning, a seasoning that I inherited from my grandmother and my mother.

My mother -who knows the love I have for the kitchen- gave me a huge pumpkin and said: “I want to try what you can cook with it”.

I opened it with care to take advantage of all its pulp and its shell, that day I had the idea to use it as a pot, inside of it I put the pumpkin atole which I prepared for a meeting we had with friends. It was a real success, the hollow pumpkin with its own lid looked so pretty, the atole remained hot but it was finished very soon, (That’s the best sign that something liked).

The big pumpkin gave me several kilograms of its pulp, I cooked them all, some in desserts and other foods, but I wanted to cook something different, then I prepared this pumpkin lasagna with chicken, it was very tasty, my mom liked it a lot.

That they like my meals is my best motivation.

Pumpkin lasagna with chicken is prepared quickly; its texture is smooth and creamy, melts in the mouth with an exquisite taste and smell.

To save what was left of the lasagna, I cut it into individual pieces and put them in the freezer inside Ziploc bags. The next day I heated it in microwave, I noticed that the flavor of the pumpkin lasagna had increased, it was tastier.

I love pasta, I like to experiment with different ingredients, to find a new and different flavor, that’s because that when I cooked and tried the pumpkin lasagna with chicken I prepared I was so excited to see how tasty it was, but mainly, that my mother will like it due she has demanding tastes. She told me that it is tasty nutritious and inexpensive pasta. Now, you have the recipe here included in your list of favorite pastas.

Pumpkin lasagna with chicken





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