Pumpkin mushroom and tuna skewers

This Pumpkin mushroom and tuna skewers recipe is a healthy and delicious meal, accompanied with a creamy poblano chili sauce.

It is an excellent option to cook with the Castilla Pumpkin or Seasonal Pumpkin.


Pumpkin mushroom and tuna skewers

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The pumpkin desserts are delicious, but with this wonderful vegetable you can also prepare many delicious and nutritious meals.

The Pumpkin, mushroom and tuna skewers that Cooking the Flavor of Mexico present to you in the following video is an excellent option to get out of routine in the kitchen when using the Castilla Pumpkin or the pumpkins type that we use for the decorations at home in this season of the year.

It’s so fun to make heads up for Halloween with this wonderful vegetable. Open the pumpkins and remove the pulp to make art works with them, sad, happy or gloomy heads. In the hole that we make inside the pumpkin place a candle to illuminate it and gives the home a warm atmosphere.

But what do we do with that pulp, with that tasty and nutritious food?

In most of houses it is consumed as a dessert prepared in delicious ways.

Pumpkins are also prepared in many meals and this pumpkin, mushroom and tuna skewers are a sample of the great variety of foods that we can cook.

Its different flavor makes you fall in love with the meals made with this nature gift.

The pumpkins are very hard but it’s just hard on the outside. Pumpkin is also believed to be very difficult to cook, but it isn’t, within in a few minutes the pumpkins are cooked you can cook them in water in the conventional oven, in the grill or even in the microwave.

Don’t forget to enjoy your present time and live with the intensity all the traditions of any place in which one you are.

Pumpkin mushroom and tuna skewers

Pumpkin mushroom and tuna skewers

Pumpkin mushroom and tuna skewers





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