Pumpkin spaghetti topped with starry eggs



At this end of the year season we can cook and decorate with pumpkin wonders, we cannot miss this tasty breakfast of pumpkin spaghetti topped with starry eggs, nutritious and digestive for the properties contained in the pumpkin.

Pumpkin spaghetti topped with starry eggs

I invite you to have and try this breakfast. Prepare it with me.

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Pumpkin spaghetti topped with starry eggs

The pumpkin shell is hard, use a large knife and cut it in half taking care not to hurt you.

With a large spoon you can easily remove strands and seeds.

We separate the seeds which can be prepared as snacks, only add a little ground salt.

This delicious recipe is very easy, fast and economical.

The strands of the pumpkin center are fried in enough butter with parsley, salt and pepper.

Add the starry eggs, cover the pan and let it cook for 3 minutes.

Separately from pumpkin spaghetti topped with starry eggs you can also prepare or make an omelet, you only need to beat the eggs with a little milk, put them in the pan with butter, turn the tortilla once it is fried, but not golden, add a little cheese of your preference and the threads of the pumpkin, fold the tortilla in the form of tacos and enjoy it.

Anyway, when you prepare this breakfast your family will like it because of the rich flavor and nutrients it gives us.

I remember when we were children, my brothers and I, every season of the pumpkin harvest, my father gave us each pumpkin for decorating it for Halloween, and we drew the figures and he cut the pumpkins, between all of us we used to vote for the most original and beautiful.

It was so fun and the house was decorated with our artwork that makes it feel good ambience at home.

My mother prepared many meals with the pumpkin or squash and never failed in flavor when she prepared this pumpkin spaghetti topped with starry eggs.





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